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MightyLine Floor Tape

INESCO™ Industrial Floor Tapes and Markings

INESCO™, as the Master Dealer for MightyLine in Australasia, stocks a range of durable, innovative floor tapes and markings that provide excellent adhesion to surfaces such as smooth concrete with easy application and no outlay of expensive machinery. Get a cost-effective surface marking solution with the experts today.

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MightyLine - The Only Durable, Long Lasting Floor Tape.

INESCO™ MightyLine is the most durable, long lasting line marking tape on the market, providing amazing adhesion to internal surfaces with easy application ...just peel & stick!

The benefits of INESCO™ MightyLine are fast becoming the most talked about solution for internal line marking.

  • Improves efficiency and safety standards
  • 5S lean manufacturing improvements
  • No contamination issues with pharmaceutical or food produce
  • Ideal for industrial warehouse floors, concrete and many other surfaces
  • Colour code to show specific location areas
  • 3 year warranty

MightyLine floor tape has proved itself time and time again in situations from mechanics workshops to pharmaceutical manufacturers to large scale distribution centres. Not only does it outperform competitors’ floor tapes, but it also demonstrates many advantages over painted lines. Painted lines require large equipment which can’t always manoeuvre into tight spaces you may have, paint fumes are damaging to food safe products or areas you may work in, and if you have a smooth concrete floor, you’ll find paint is very difficult to adhere to the surface in heavy traffic areas. As paint can be porous it will absorb dust and tyre rubber over time, ruining the original colour of the paint.

Another key advantage of using MightyLine industrial floor tape is the limited down time required to install new lines as opposed to waiting for painted lines to dry. No more waiting for Christmas shutdown periods to do your line marking changes!

So to overcome the problems of painted lines, many companies have tried cheaper tapes and found them to become messy when forklifts and other vehicles peel the tape from the surface, causing a sticky mess that’s not fun to clean up! With MightyLine however, you won’t have this problem as it has a pressure sensitive adhesive which means the tape will stay down hard but it can be easily removed without leaving any residue if you need to change the configuration of your line markings down the track.

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NZ’s most durable warehouse marking tape

Our 5s floor tape and industrial-strength tape offers reliable surface and line marking for floors with even the busiest traffic areas. Though the application is simple, the life of MightyLine marking will give you years of usage, even in environments where you’re prone to traffic peeling and scuffing the tape. As long as your forklifts aren’t dragging their loads along the surface,  you’ll be able to enjoy quality-looking tape for years to come.

With over 20 years in the floor surface industry, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality, durable products that don’t require constant replacement. With a range of high quality tape products including hazard tape, warehouse markings and a range of equipment available for easy application, you’ll be able to find a quick solution in no time. Not sure what’s right for you? Just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll help you with making the right decision.

MightyLine Downloads

Download MightyLine 3 Year Warranty
Download MightyLine Installation Instructions



INESCO™ is a privately owned business with over 20 years’ experience in the Surface Marking Industry. Our commitment to customers and service makes us the preferred supplier in the market. We have used this wealth of expertise to offer customers a leading edge in surface marking products, equipment and machinery sourced from around the globe.


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