AP Hydraulics - Gisborne

"Six months ago we installed the MightyLine floor tape to mark out a safe walkway in our hydraulics workshop. I was concerned with the tapes durability as the location has forklift traffic and unloaded stock placed on top of the tape.  However, MightyLine floor tape has exceeded our expectations.  Customers can follow the clearly marked pathway as the tape it is still a very bright colour.  It shows no damage from hard use and is literally stuck like glue to the floor!" - Workshop Manager

GamminCo - Tauranga

"MightyLine Floor Tape is amazing, I can’t believe how tough it is.  It has withstood some very rough treatment with swarf, forklifts and coolant and has not budged.  We will most likely be ordering more in the near future."  - Health and Safety Coordinator

UNEX Systems - Hamilton

"We are extremely happy with the durability of INESCO MightyLine and the fact that it can be cleaned so easily.  Not only has it helped with our 5S requirements, but there has been a lift in the sense of pride in our workplace, due to the fact that our floor markings are much tidier. In the past, all it would take is the forklift or pallet jack to run over the tape, or for someone to scuff their feet over it, and the floor tape would peel up. We have no such problems with your product.

I would recommend this product to any and all who require floor markings.  I will be placing an order for more tape shortly." - Fabrication Team Leader

Frucor Beverages - Christchurch

"We have found INESCO MightyLine tape easy to apply, we can install it ourselves with little preparation, and the area can be used immediately after we have laid it." -  Production Manager

Northland Toyota - Whangarei

"INESCO MightyLine is one of the key products of our lean system." - General Manager